Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana
Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana
Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana
Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana
Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana

Plant-Dyed Linen Bandana

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This bandana is made with 100% linen and plant dyed. Wear it around your neck as a bandana or your head to keep your hair back. Also very cute as a dog bandana or a face mask! Each piece has natural variations and light mottling effects that add texture and an organic feel. 

Lavender - dyed using logwood

Indigo - dyed using natural indigo

Terracotta - dyed using brazil wood and acacia wood

Mauve - dyed using wattle

Sand - dyed using chestnut

They are medium weight and have lightly frayed raw edges. Each bandana is about 18" x 18" wide when pressed flat.

The Process

Plant dyes create deep and complex shades that seem to subtly change with the light. Although the same recipe is used for each batch, no two pieces will be identical in color. Each step in the process of crafting this piece is done intentionally by hand in Detroit. The result is an organic color and lightly textured piece that adds romantic and delicate beauty to any outfit.

bandana care

All bandanas are steamed and gently folded before sending to you. Linen is naturally wrinkly, so no need to press as that is part of the beauty of the fabric. Bandanas can be hand washed using a pH neutral soap in tepid water. They are machine washable, but due to the raw edges they may fray in the wash. If this happens simply cut the loose threads.

sustainably crafted

These bandanas are sustainably crafted using conscious practices to limit water wastage and recycle greywater for plant watering. The onion skins, avocado pits, and leftover event flowers used to create these beautiful dyes are collected from restaurants and florists in an effort to eliminate waste. All plant material is composted after dyeing. All fabrics, dye materials, and packaging is sustainable and ethically sourced. All packaging can be reused or recycled.